Thursday, September 27, 2007

A comma

Ok... no, I didn't get my allergy shot at the bank!! Poor use of a comma on my part. lol.

I wish I could get the baby or one of the dogs to fetch me slippers and do the laundry!!! ;-) But then I'd get fat and even more lazy, so I guess it is good that they can't!

I'm working tonight... fun, fun, fun. Oh, and I did do some laundry and the dishes. Good for me. I'm just very glad tomorrow is Friday.



  1. Glad ya cleared that up ... I was thinking .. WHAT ? the bank now gives allergy shots ? .... I need to change to THAT bank ... haha !...

    Hope you had a great day !!!!

    Say Hi to Little "M" for me !


  2. Oh, okay, now I understand. It's a shame, though, not having a bank that offers allergy shots or on-site medical services for customers.

    Healthy Colon Living would be a free program for costumers who open a savings account and maintain a minimum balance. Lipo Bank to Bank Transfers allow someone with too much posterior to “transfer” a surplus of “funds” to someone at another bank with no posterior. How about A Rise in Rates: Tax Advice for Men with ED? You know, that kind of thing.

    Sorry you had to work, but Friday is here!!


  3. You have to train her to get your slippers. See Glenys gets mine all the time, usually even when I don't want them and am adament that she not get them, see? ;}

  4. Melissa-

    I see you took off your email from your profile. This weekend I took some pictures of Las Vegas for my blog, one of which was an ad that reminded me of you guys!:) I did not post this picture on my blog, but I'd like for you to see it. Can you email me at so I can send it to you? Or if you have my original email address still with you (that is the one I normally use and the one I will email you the picture with) then you can email me there instead. I think you’ll enjoy it!