Thursday, September 6, 2007

Not sleeping well

Go figure, it's me that's not been sleeping well this week. Little M hasn't been sleeping very well at daycare, and I'm not sleeping very well at night. We're a pair!! I'm hoping it'll get better now that work isn't *quite* as stressful as it has been for the past year.

Speaking of which, I realized last night...while lying wide awake...that the impact my old boss had on me was more than just professional. I have lost a lot of confidence, in general, because of all his of awfulness. I am hoping I can get some of my confidence back soon. I feel like I've been beaten down and it's almost like a bad breakup. How pathetic is that? He was just my boss!!!! Ugh.

I'm going to try to get some rest tonight. I really need it. I am anxious to get more pics uploaded soon, too, so please bear with me!



  1. I totally understand. I spent almost 9 years at a very psychologically damaging place and I have many issues from it still. I have nightmares and cold sweats and panic attacks from the place I worked!! On an emotional level it seems that it is more difficult to seperate our personhood from work. Hope things get clear in your head soon. Remember it wasn't you it was him. Maybe your new boss will instill confidence again in your own abilities.


  2. You'll get your groove back, but it takes time. I worked 4 years at a business where my boss would on one day say what a great asset I was and she would promote me and the very next day tell me I was a horrible human being and a horrible nurse. it really beat down my self esteem, but once I left the transformation was incredible. I didn't realize just how miserable I was until I was out of there. For months people commented on how much better I looked. It took a long while to get my mojo back even longer to "trust" my new boss. Just remember who you are! Oh, and if you can get back into running it will do wonders for you.