Friday, September 14, 2007


Some updated pics, Little M and Maggi.


  1. OH MAN!! What a SMILE this cutie has... thanks for sharing her with us Melissa!

  2. I haven't seen a baby this cute since Mia's last Birthday. Now there was a cute baby:) Oh wait! This is Mia! Too much sunshine coming from that pretty little face and I couldn't tell for sure. And all those decibels of giggles and laughter...that's one happy little dumpling.

    Well, I do recall there was some competition between Mia and Maggi as to who was second in charge at the house. Has that been settled yet? I see they were playing next to each other, so they must have overcome their differences. The thing is that Maggi Poo -I mean Maggi Moo- might want to show her human counterparts that doggy pride is alive and well. So she may resent any orders as to when she can eat or where she can’t go from her human “captors” when she feels perfectly capable of making these decision on her own. I visited San Francisco a few years ago, and as we were driving through, we came across a rally of peaceful protestors (all of which were dogs) that had congregated near a fire hydrant. An English Terrier was holding a picket sign with the words “never again” and next to those words was a picture of a dog drinking from a toilet. You gotta understand the background if you want to understand Maggi.

    And for goodness sakes, if you have to take Maggi to the vet, don’t mention the word “veterinarian” out loud in front of her. Dogs get nervous when they hear that word. But if you have to take her and she asks you where you’re going, don’t lie. LOL!


  3. Hey there Mamma M,

    It looks like Little M is getting over her teething !! You can actually see her two new teeth !

    She looks absolutely georgious !

    tell her to pass that happiness my way :) ...

    As always, Thanks for the pics !

    Have A great weekend !