Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I'm being lazy. I'm sitting here watching CSI and not doing laundry or dishes. So there. I did go get my new glasses today. I also went to the bank and got my allergy shot. Finally.

What do you do when you don't feel like doing anything? Sit here... or sleep? lol. By the way, Baby M is sleeping.

I even had ice cream tonight. AND a Ho Ho. Yikes. I'm slipping. lol

Perhaps I should at least put the folded, clean laundry away. Oh, and Skippy is sleeping, too. We're a bunch of lazy butts tonight!

I am excited about my new glasses. They are red and black. Mostly red. They look better than they sound! I'm going to wear them tomorrow. Let's see if anyone notices.



  1. Hey there MissMeliss ... you sound like me tonight (no laundry and watching bionic women) ... uh, everyones's going to notice your new glasses if you blog about it !!! haha ! ... This is a pre-emptive ... "HEY !!! you got new glasses, They're stunning on you !!! ... they really bring out your features and makes you that much more beautiful than you already are !!!" ...

    P.S. ... I have some laundry in the dryer that needs folding if you get really get inspired :)

    Can't wait to see the new you ! I'll be back on either Monday or Tuesday .. have'nt made up my mind just yet !!!!


  2. Not pre-emptive ... I meant pro-active :)


  3. Sure you did... pre-emptive! mmhm.


    Thanks, Scott!!


  4. "...went to the bank and got my allergy shot..." Did you really get your allergy shot at the bank? What bank is this? Phenomenal customer service, I must say. Can they “withdraw” a bad tooth? I can only imagine the kinds of deposits one can make there.

    If you feel lethargic, why not let Marge or Maggi or the cat do the work? They want to eat, don’t they? I would show them how to properly fold and put away the clean laundry, serve a mixed drink, fetch the slippers and cook dinner. Take a lesson from the Von Trapp children in The Sound of Music. Man, were those kids disciplined.

    Again, can I find that bank on the West Coast and do you recommend a good masseuse from there?


  5. Oh my God, there was shooting at the bank!? What is the world coming to. Your friend Allergy was just an innocent bystander.