Saturday, September 8, 2007


I am still not sleeping well. Too much on my mind and I wanted to get up and write about it last night, but didn't. Now, I am not sure what all I wanted to say. I'm still thinking a lot about work and about how it has affected my life in the past year. I know I just became a new Mom, too, and so that has affected me some, but I am very happy about that part.

The thing is that I waited for so long for her to get here. I realized last night (not for the first time) that I put my life on hold last year and the beginning of this year because of this. I'm ready to get back to my life, I'm just not sure what that means now. I really miss running the races I used to do, so that is part of it. I need to figure out how I can fit some of that in. I need to figure out how to fit quilting in, too.

So, how do I get back to it? More later.



  1. I would say that you do seem to come out of "new mommydom" eventually. You get into a groove and you'll find time for new things.
    some obvious questions-
    do you have one of those running strollers? Morning might be better than afternoon.....

    do you have a routine? Once I nailed down the routine, I found more time for me. If I missed something, I knew it wouldn't fall away until forevers- just the next week. Look at if you want some suggestions. (btw- i DON"T shine my sink. I just schedule the things I really think need to get done.

    I "batch' whatever I can. Instead of writing a check every week for daycare, I write them for the month. I try to grocery shop two times a month, not once a week. (good for the budget too)

    I plan my meals. Now that I am working from home, I'm making a little more and eating it for lunch. I even plan my snacks now.

    I find if I shave 5 minutes off here and there, I have a whole hour at night to knit. or read, or whatever.

    I also have been dropping off Kate at her "regular" drop off time of 7:30 even though I work from home now. I high tail it home and walk for 30 minutes. It's a little me time, and she's fine with it.

  2. Time and age and routine. Give yourself time and her some time to grow a bit. Get into a routine of running even if it is on a treadmill to keep in shape. Run smaller races with her in a jog stroller. It will all come with time.

    You are doing great. Mom radar doesn't always work. I have missed a couple of pukie viral things with Glenys before. Those are not fun.