Tuesday, September 4, 2007

To my friends & family

Lest you think that I've only been non-responsive to your emails / myspace / comments / etc... my Homestudy agency just called *again*! She called me probably 3 times now in the past week, and I kept forgetting to call her back...plus, I knew we'd talk awhile! So, it *isn't* just you! hahahaha.

Really, I love my friends and family more than anything, and I do not mean to ignore anyone. I promise. When I get busy... I tend to stay in and conserve energy... or take care of the baby (these days). Please forgive me.

Little M is amazing. I just had to say that, 'cause I hadn't in awhile! Oh, and so are Maggi and Manna! :)

Peace... again.


  1. MissMeliss !

    First of all, Thank you so much for commenting on "my" blog ... that was way cool of you ! Thank you ! I was so surprised that I actually kept your interest for 1 millisecond ! ... keep tuning in, I will be blogging all week on the trip !!! :) ...

    Secondly, I know you've been busy and have had a lot on your mind ... I began thinking uh oh ! ...whadisay or whadido ?? :)

    No big deal your entitled ! aren't we all :)

    And YES, YES, YES ... Mia is truly amazing ! and amazingly BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!

    FYI MissMeliss's bloggy friends,

    My blog is NOT about me adopting a baby from China ... so trust me, your not missing out !!! ... MissMeliss just inspired me to create a blog and so I did. Ha !


  2. Scott, The sad thing is... did I *know* you were on a trip all week?!!! ha. (but work is getting a little better. the new boss - unnamed on purpose - is much nicer than the old one!)

    Have loads of fishy fun!!! (i'm so punny)... at least i amuse myself!