Sunday, September 23, 2007

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Skippy is doing better. Sis still has Maggi, but will bring her down here in the next day or two. I've been a home-body this weekend. Well, except going to the grocery and to the pet store. Took Mia and Skippy to the pet store. He was scared, but did ok. I think I need to take him about once a week and other places too, to get him more socialized. He is such a sweet dog. I'm sure he'll like it when Maggi gets back. But it has been really good for him to have a few days of concentrated time with me and Little M. Things I've learned... he likes to be put outside on a lead to do his business at his leisure.

I tried to walk him about 8 times Friday night... and he just wouldn't go! I finally gave up and attached him to the 20' lead outside...and within 5 minutes he'd done his business! Woot.

Little M and I need weekends like this to recuperate from the week. It goes too fast.


  1. Baby Pumpk'n (as they would say in old Kentucky) seems to love that ball. And she seems to be sticking her tongue you at you! Should I say "Way to go, baby Mia!" and encourage her? LOL! I am such a bad influence;)

    I’m glad Skippy is adjusting to a new environment and a new presence at close proximity to him. Poor thing. Just can’t imagine the hell he went through before you got him.

    Anyway, did you think of the names I suggested? I don’t think Mia, Maggi, Melissa, and then Skippy sounds right. Now, change Skippy to, say, Marissa, and you’ve got yourself a winning team that will be associated with such awesome groups as the Rat Pack, Super Friends, the Three Musketeer, and, of coarse, Air Supply.

    “Hey, Marissa, what a nice boy you are!” I’m telling you, it sounds just fine:) Would I let my sense of humor mislead you? [Insert mischievous chuckle here]


  2. Somehow I don't think Marissa is the right name... too close to Melissa! I've thought of Mickey... ? But I'm almost tempted to keep Skippy. ha.

    I'm glad he's doing better, too. I wish he wasn't so scared of every little thing. I hate to think what he might have been through.


  3. That's a great pic of Mia! the one's posted a few days ago are pretty good, too! :D i know they turned out a bit dark, but they are still really good :D xxoo min