Sunday, September 9, 2007

Nice weekend

I'm starting to relax just a little. I know, I'm such the whiner lately!! But, this weekend has been nice, and that's helped. Plus, it seems that I got an actual *compliment* for the work I did this week at work!! WOW. That was a pleasant and happy surprise. :) Please pray that continues.

So, Sis and Chase came down this weekend. I love it when they come down. Sis has been MUCH more willing to come down this year.... perhaps not having to deal with nearly-ex-BIL all the time helps?!! ha. Yes... it does. :)

Plus, I let her go garage-saling in my house. haha. That's free and she needs some clothes. And my closet is obscene. I admit it. I'm blessed. I do go through at least once a year to give stuff away, but I'm more willing to give Sis whatever she needs. She's looking for a job and she's lost a lot of weight and so she needs stuff that fits. That was good for both of us. Oh, and we had a girly girl afternoon. We did face masks and Chase laughed at us! :) We would have probably done more, but my friend came over with the two dogs she wants us (we'll help each other) to foster.

Skippy is gorgeous English Setter. He's been here before, but I couldn't keep him right before we left for China. Then the other pup is a 2 year old (or so) female black lab. She's a little shy, but we call her Ebby (ebony). Sis took them home. She's going to do wonders with them. She's great with dogs.

Little M is napping. She's been having a pretty good week, too. Apparently, my Mommy radar is not quite as good as I thought... part of her crankiness has been because she's got TWO more teeth coming in!!!! You can see one. They are the top two front teeth. Very, very cool. :D

I'm hoping that this week is better, like last week was. I need a few more to get back on track. It is good that my new boss seems cool. Pray, Pray, Pray!



  1. OMG!!!! I actually figured it out! I know, I work in IT and I cannot even figure out how to post a stinkin comment on a blog! Pathetic I know, but you know me! I'm glad you had a great weekend - you definitely deserve it! I have to find the time to get over there to help with Mia's handprints for the frame we got .... and her little outfit that I bought for her birthday...being that it's for warm weather, she should probably wear here pretty quick! Ah, the teething fun!

  2. Hi MissMeliss !!!!

    I'm so glad that you had a nice weekend with Mimi and Mia ... and of course I'm glad for you that things are starting to fall into place at work ... you seem much less stressed, happy and much more at ease !!! ... Let's hope that everything continues to go forward for you in a positive direction !!!

    Hope Little M is feeling better ! ... two teeth coming in .. WOW ! and OUCH !! ... poor girl, she has too be uncomfortable !

    Guess I need to follow suit ... don't I ? haha !

  3. sbix - call the DENTIST!!!! :)

    Yes, things are getting better, thankfully. Did you see that Sis and I got Skippy (the english setter) again? Sis has him right now, and I'm considering a doberman!! haha. :)


  4. I think I'm a bigger baby than Little M as far as dentists are concerned :)
    ha !

    But knowing you know now I guess I don't have a choice now .. do I ?

    I read from your blog that Mimi got Skippy and Ebby !!! ... just makes me wonder what you'll call your pincer ... hmmmm ... let me think about that one ... I know it will start with and M :D haha !