Monday, February 2, 2009

budget and such

Time to get organized. I have decided this year to actually try to live by my budget. What a concept. I mean, I wrote it ALL down. I generally have a good idea of what I'm paying and what is needed for the month, but last year got me out of whack, so I'm back to writing it all down and following it. My number one goal this year is to work on paying off the credit cards. So, here's what I've been doing over the past week:

2009 budget - complete
grocery list / budget - complete
february weekly menu - planned
taxes - done

The money stuff is kind of scary right now, but I'm determined to fix it. I can't think about a 2nd adoption until I do. So... one step at a time. Meanwhile, I will pray about what the future holds.

I've never done a monthly menu before, but I was trying to get an idea of what my actual grocery bill is, and so I went for it. Let's see if I actually use it! lol



  1. I hear ya. My school tuition is going up now that the state of Nevada is in fiscal upheaval and does not have the necessary resources to maintain its academics. Lord knows I want to budget, but it’s so darn difficult. I promised myself (and a few other people) that after I get my credit card bills paid off, I would financially focus on savings and on my education.

    I hope to get my degree in something worthwhile, but what I really want to do is joust. It’s the only thing that makes me happy. Yes, I know, chemical weapons are fun, too. But how many of those can you deliver on horseback? I’ve tried talking sense into buildings, cloud counseling, snot repairman - you name it. I even tried my hand at film directing, till the time I was offered a project that required directing Richard Simmons in a love scene (I sued for emotional distress).

    Anyway, hope little Mia gets a little brother. Make sure to name him Thomas. It’s such a great name, you know:0)

  2. You are brave! I like to think about my finances in the abstract; if I wrote it all down I might develop 10 ulcers.

    I do live in a budget, it's just making up for all the time I didn't live in a budget that's the problem :) When are you thinking you about adopting again?

  3. Good luck with the budgeting - at least you have the best of goals to motivate you to sticking to it.