Monday, February 9, 2009


So, I was reading about 2 year old milestones... and for the range of 2-3 years old, Lil M has hit almost all of the ones listed below. She is 2 years, 5 months old and will be 2.5 on Feb 27.

I don't know how many words she knows now, but it seems to be quite a lot. We have a book of 100 words, and she knows most of them. Plus lots of others and can speak in short sentences. I need to measure her, but last time I measured her she was 31.5" tall... which would make her 62" tall as an adult... so, I'm guessing between 5' and 5' 2" or so. Cool. :)

She is not overly demanding, but is definitely possessive... "MY mommy, MY meow...etc". Which, of course. I think is pretty adorable. lol

One of her most recent things is for me to sing the ABC song over and over... she can even sing part of it with me. (QRS, XY and Z and maybe another letter here or there)

She is also asking to go potty very consistently now... many times a day. She is dry almost all day every day (at home)... and, so, we went and got her big girl undies last night. :)


Physical development:

  • Like to run, jump, climb, and swing.
  • May show interest in toilet training.
  • Cuts last of baby teeth (20).
  • Reaches ½ of adult height by 2 ½ years.
  • May continue to use both hands equally well.
  • Can scribble and make marks on paper - may miss paper and mark on table or floor.
  • Can put clothes on, but not able to button or snap.
  • Will explore toys and objects by sorting, poking, pulling, or imitating others.

Social/emotional development:

  • Enjoys being near and playing beside others.
  • Wants to do it himself.
  • Routines are important and builds secure feelings.
  • May develop fears.
  • Moves to extremes - from loveable to demanding.
  • Will feel positive or negative about self-based on feedback from others.
  • Impulsive, easily distracted, & excitable.
  • Can become easily frustrated with activities/people.
  • Likes people.

Language/intellectual development:

  • Can speak in 2-3 word sentences.
  • May know 200 to 1000 words, but does not speak them all.
  • Enjoys talking.
  • Uses "I," "me," "mine," and "you" often.
  • Remembers where objects are when named.
  • Remembers routines, past events, & names of people.
  • May identify the picture with the object (apple in book with the fruit on the table).

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