Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Adoption Story Share

Got this on facebook... I'm not going to tag anyone, but feel free to participate!! :)

Here is your chance to tell your story! Copy and Paste the questions into a new note and tag your friends! Learn a little more about their experience and what adoption was like for them!

1. When did you decide to adopt?
In my late 20's I felt like adoption was an option for me. I started investigating in the fall of 2004. I got a singles' slot at CCAI at the beginning of Jan 2005. It was the only singles' slot I applied for.

2. Was it a hard decision to make?
Absolutely not. It felt right from the start.

3. Why did you decide to adopt?
I really wanted to be a Mom, and I didn’t feel like I had to be married to make that happen.

4. Did you choose an International or Domestic adoption?

5. Where did you adopt from?

6. Why did you choose that place?
I liked their program. It was very straight-forward (albeit, a ton of paperwork, but they're all that way), and I liked their stability.

7. Do you incorporate any traditions from that location into your child's life?
I am trying to. It is hard, though, because sometimes I feel like a fake... but I am working on it. Chinese New Year is a big holiday for China, so that's the first holiday I've incorporated.

8. When did you receive your referral?
May 4, 2007, 18 months after Log in.

9. How old was your child at that point?
8 months

10. How did you receive the news that he/she was going to be yours?
My agency called my sister and I... conference call. She sent us both the picture of Mia and Sis opened it first!! LOL It was quite neat, actually, and I was SO glad Mindy was there.

11. Were you able to go visit your child before family day?
Technically, for me, our meeting was one day and the 2nd day was the our official adoption day. Other than that, no.

12. When the time came, did you go get your baby or was he/she delivered to you?
We traveled to China, then on the 3rd day there we took a bus to the location where the babies were.

13. How long was your wait?
My actual wait from being logged in (LID) was 18 months. I started the process in January of 2005 and Mia came home June 28, 2007. So, about 2.5 years total, from beginning to home.

14. What was your reaction seeing your baby and knowing she was yours?

15. How old was your child when your brought him/her home?
She was 9.5 months when we met, and 10 months (and one day) when we arrived home!

16. When is your Family Day?
June 19

17. Do you celebrate it? If yes, What do you do?
Last year I sat and reminisced... she was a baby still. This year, we'll celebrate somehow. Special dinner and maybe go out that day.

18. How long did you have to stay in country, or state?
14 days

19. Did you have a shower Pre/Post baby or not at all?
We had a baby shower / first birthday party all in one once we got home and got settled a little bit. I do wish I would have had one before meeting her, but by the time I knew her specifics... we were ready to go!

20. How was the transition home? Any bonding difficulties?
We have seemed to do very well, overall. The first week was the roughest for me and her both. I'm lucky that she's so easy-going.

21. If you had to do it all over again, would you?
In a heart beat. Absolutely.

22. Do you plan on adopting again?
I'm definitely considering it. Trying to weigh the sibling aspect vs the money and where from.



  1. Time sure does fly. I’ll bet you can go back and read some of the posts you wrote when the wait for Mia was at its most excruciating and feel a little of what you felt then. And now look, you’re a family! I hope Kris can experience this joy in the very near future. Not many people know the trials she’s had to endure in recent years.

    Say, would it be inappropriate of me to apply this meme towards Toby? I certainly don’t want it to appear like I’m making light of things that are serious.

    One of the responses you gave that struck a cord in me was answer #3. I feel that it’s perfectly okay to be a single man and have Toby. I know some people may find that unorthodox, but I don’t care. I don’t flow with the main stream. Peace out.


  2. It's so cool to look back at this journey. Do you have a facebook? If you do look me up.

    By the way, I was talking to a friend of mine today who is having her second daughter in March. They are naming Her Mea as well(with an e not an i) and I was telling her about you and what Mia's name meant and she thought that was the coolest thing.

    Love to you both,