Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Today was a fairly ordinary day. I'm still excited for Sis and her good news, but on the home-front...

I'm a little aggravated with Skippy (my english setter). He had a potty issue last week. I understand that. But two days in a row now he's pooed in his bed. UGH. He'll go months without any issues... ok, not quite as long as Maggi, who is really, really good (*unless she's got a poo issue, then it's bad). Anyway, this too shall pass... but it just made me a bit crabby tonight. This is why I didn't do much over the weekend, I didn't want to leave Skippy home to have an accident in his bed. And now, after his issues are over (read: no diarrhea), he's still crapping in his bed.

Otherwise, everything else is extremely ordinary and boring today. Lil M is great. She's still got a bit of a cold, but overall fine. Work was good. Scott's on a ski trip with his brother and Sis is having a good let's see what tomorrow brings. lol



  1. Toby is a handful. He likes to eat anything and everything he finds on the floor. A couple of days ago, after a trip to the vet, the little $#!@ peed in my truck.

    Right now he and I are going through a rough patch. A few days ago were arguing about beer, and his excessive smoking (I think he smokes just cigarettes). Now he’s talking about moving in with his girlfriend and skipping college. I tried to tell him he was making a huge mistake:

    Me: “Toby, where are you?”
    Toby: “I’m in the bathroom, man!”
    Me: “Toby, I think it’s time we had a chat about your conduct and future plans.”
    Toby: “Get off my back, man. It’s my business! MY business!”

    Personally, I think his agressive behavior stems from his suspicion that I plan to have him neutered.

    So you see, you don’t have it nearly as bad as you think.

  2. I would say that would be a bit worse than just pooing in his bed! LOL You're a hoot! :)


  3. You know, I meant to mention that Skippy may find himself - through not fault of yours - a bit isolated at times. Because he is a boy and because his name does not begin with an “M”, he may have trouble finding someone he can relate to. Don’t be too alarmed, however. I think he’ll be just fine. To make sure, test his mental status to see if he can recall Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush - in that order.

    Also, does he have auditory or visual hallucinations? Has he ever claimed seeing Stevie Nicks or of hearing her music? Cause I would crap my pants too if experienced any of that.

    I know you Kentucky hellions don’t believe in medication for emotional disorders, but Prozac or Zoloft might be in Skippy’s future. That or you can do as we spoke before and change his name to Maggie. This may cause some confusion on many different levels, but you guys will have great conversations about bad hair days, boys, shoes, and salads:0)