Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weekend so far

We went out with Scott last night, to Bucca de Beppos... YUM. One of my favorite foods is cheese ravioli with a good sauce, and they have one of the best!!! We were stuffed by the time we were done! :) It was a good half-birthday for Lil M!

Today, Lil M and I just hung out with the dogs and Manna all day. All are well. Maggi has even been barking a little less outside.... I let them out this morning, and she actually stayed out for 1/2 hour or so without barking once! And when she did today, I knocked on the door and she stopped. Wow. Might be making progress. :D They LOVE chicken jerkey, so I gave them what was left, after being good outside.

Lil M is working on her ABC's...and sings them all the time! Well, wants ME to sing them all the time! hahaha. She's not quite in tune... actually, hoping she's not tone deaf, ROFL, but she's trying!!! She's getting pretty good at them, actually.

I watched a movie tonight called "America" about a boy in foster-care. It was pretty good. Sad movie, not over-the-top sad, though. Ending could have been better. But I say that about pretty much every movie I've ever seen...

I have a bit of a headache again, but am hoping to head it off at the pass this time. We might go to the Circus tomorrow. Let's see what the day brings!!


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