Sunday, March 1, 2009

green cleaning

Anyone out there who has actually used Vinegar to clean will likely tell you just how good it is. I had my doubts. But I thought, what the heck... I'm not overly fond of the cleaners out there because of Lil M and the dogs. Mostly because of having the baby in the house. So, I bought some white vinegar, and mixed it half and half in a bottle with water. Spray it on the counters and voila! IT WORKS!! If there is something stuck on, just spray and let it sit for a couple of minutes. I guess because of the acidity of vinegar, it will cut through a lot of stuff. Pretty much any food that is on the counters! Woohoo!

It also makes the trashcans smell better. With the typical animal accidents and baby poo in the trash... it can get pretty yucky. So, I sprayed the bottom with vinegar. And, what do you know... it actually worked.

I also made my own laundry detergent. Yes,... I did. Grate up a bar of soap (ivory), add washing soda and borax... 2 C soap, 1C WS and 1C borax... use 2TB for each wash... it actually also works. Sweet!

So, there you go. Vinegar rocks. Not sure if it will actually take up the pet stains like I've read... but I'm trying that tonight.


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  1. We use it to clean glass. That works great as well.