Sunday, March 8, 2009

Zoo and Girls-Night-In Saturday

The Zoo!!

MK, Mk2, Lil M and Mommy:

Whew, what a weekend!! We went to the Zoo yesterday with MK and MK2. That was awesome. The weather was absolutely, utterly perfect! Then we have some friends over... (didn't watch Tyra, Tom... we missed you!! LOL) And had big fun. I was remiss in not getting a pic of our new friends C & K! Little K was just adorable. :)

As if all of that wasn't enough... today, we went to the Circus! What fun that was. :) MK, MK2, Sis, Abbi, Mia, Scott and I went today. The girls rode the camel. :) And, Lil M and I went down the blow-up slide. It was a ton of fun! ... Thank you Scott for treating us all to such an awesome day!

I have a blue-ton of pics... but am only posting a couple from yesterday. I'll post more later!!


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