Thursday, March 12, 2009

SB 68, not in the clear yet.

SB 68 made it through Judiciary committee via a secretive meeting last week, where only the defenders of the bill were present. That really upset me, and has made me feel like my efforts have been for nothing... I will keep trying, though. This bill is awful for our state. And I really believe if we rally together, we can affect change.

I received this today from the KY Fairness Alliance:

Some are suggesting that State Senator Gary Tapp’s Senate Bill 68 may be dead for this legislative session, but we are proceeding with caution.

The fair-minded community has certainly seen this picture before. In 2004, we thought the anti-marriage amendment was dead, but pressure from religious extremists forced legislators to revive the bill in the final two days of the session. We CAN NOT let this happen to our families again!

If you have not yet contacted your State Senator over this bill, please do so NOW! CALL the Legislative Message Line at 800-372-7181 and LEAVE YOUR MESSAGE OF OPPOSITION TO SB 68 for your Senator AND Senate Leadership. This is painless and takes only a few minutes.

Senate Bill 68 may be voted on today or tomorrow by the full Kentucky Senate. The Legislature then breaks for Governor Beshear’s veto period. They return on Thursday, March 26 for two days of legislative action.

While the fair-minded community has been busy working on this issue, we must prepare for what could come next. If the Senate passes SB 68 this week, we will be launching efforts to assist you in getting your message of opposition to your House members during the veto period. Do not let SB 68 become the phoenix rising from the fire!

Stay tuned... and keep the calls to State Senators flowing.

In fairness,
Your KFA Team!

PS - Check out the "Face Off" between the Family Foundation and a fairness supporter in The News today.

Again, this affects ALL KINDS OF KENTUCKY FAMILIES. Please help us get them to vote this down. Support our children!!


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