Monday, March 9, 2009

Circus - Sunday

Circus pics!! :) We had BIG fun this weekend. :) Lil M and MK2 and Abbi all rode the camel! Lil M and I went up and down the air-filled slide twice!


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  1. Wow! Great pics of everybody, especially the cutie-patootie Little Mia . The pic with the sunglasses (I think upside down) cracked me up! And she looks so happy riding the camel. I’m so glad that all of you had a wonderful time:0) Was this Little M’s first Circus? She doesn’t seem at al scared on the pics.

    No Tyra Show?? Oh well. Looks like what you guys did was much more fun. I’m, however, a little upset for losing the Miss Crazy Bunny competition. During the swimsuit segment, I took a spill on the catwalk when one of my stilettos snapped:0( Boo-hoo.

    BTW, I went with Exotic Cha-Ching as my nail color. Very purdy.