Friday, March 6, 2009

Girls night in

I've invited some of my girlfriends (and kids if they have) to my house tomorrow night for my first-ever "Girls-night-in" evening. :) Looks like we'll have movies, or sit on the porch... have some beverages... and just have some good old fashion girl talk! I'm excited. :)



  1. Omigosh, can I, like, come to? We can, like, cry and watch Moulin Rouge and eat lots of Ben and Jerry’s! I can bring ALL the colors in my fingernail polish inventory and you guys can tell me which color is best for the Miss Crazy Bunny contest I’m trying out for next week. Omigosh, I’m thsoooo exthited!!

    Can I bring Commander Flex Plexico with me? He’s such a thweet guy. You’d love him. Very polite.

    Anyhoo, let me know and I’ll cancel my facial and eyelash trim this weekend.

    Oh, btw, do you guys like Tyra? I have on DVD her best show, like, ever. It’s about guys and why they’re so imature;0)

  2. Oh man, where do you live? And can I come? Oh it's too late now. Maybe next time.