Sunday, March 29, 2009


I believe there we have certain obligations in life. To God and ourselves, to our families and to others. I believe that with my whole heart. Have you ever thought about your obligations? Who are you obliged to honor? Anyone? No one?

For me, I honor God. I try, anyway. We live in a fallen world. I am not perfect. But. I try. Thank God that the Holy Spirit is in me, or else I'd truly fail. I honor God in the little things and in the big. I gave Him my heart and he gave me my child. I gave him my heart and He gave me my life. I gave him my heart and He gave me direction and purpose.

Do I know what the future holds? No. Do I know that God will be with me every step of the way, yes, I do. God loves me, and I believe that. So, I am obliged to honor Him as best I can.

Being able to work helping our Veterans in their times of need, is an honor for me. I feel like I am contributing to the betterment of our society. And I wouldn't wish it any other way. I am obligated. Obligated to help our brothers and sisters find the help they need, via whatever role I've been given.

I am obligated to my family. I am obligated to help overcome despair of brokenness. I am obligated to help move my family into the next season of the healing. Whatever that means, I will open my heart and listen, and follow.

I am obligated to myself and to my daughter. I prayed for a daughter, and she came. For that, I am forever grateful. Let it be said again and again, that she is amazing and I love her with my whole heart. I am obligated to teach her in the way she should go. To love her, believe in her, and be her Mommy forever. I believe it was divinely inspired that we met and I believe that if I am led to parent a 2nd wonderful child, that I will be led to that as well. God knows what is in our hearts and what we can handle, too.

I was watching The West Wing (season 2) this weekend, and it is truly amazing. The feelings, the obligations, the doing things for the greater good. Faith without Works... so, there are works. I'm anxious to see this next season because it hits my heart in that spot where you feel like... wow, are there anyone out there anymore that feels that way (standing up for something right, righteous? And would they even do anything to get it done if they did??

La Familia es bueno. My family is good. The dogs are good, Lil M is good. I'm good. Going to have to figure out Easter Dinner in a week or so, but that'll be fun.

Ramblings over...


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