Sunday, March 15, 2009

ET is stubborn

I tried again to get rid of the un-readable letters on the posts below... they "should" be gone now! Please let me know if they aren't! Thanks Tom and everyone for pointing it out! It didn't showup like that for me, until I changed viewers.


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  1. What you posted on March 13th was really nice. I sure did need to hear something like that with all that is taking place in my life. Thanks for posting it.

    Well, I'm pretty sure the Allies used something similar to those symbols to pass on secret communications during WWII. And having what I thought was a very sensitive, sixty-seven year old piece of classified data did make you look a little suspicious. So, yeah, I thought you were a spy. It also seems that you have no connections to Colonel Montoya. What a relief! But more importantly, I’m glad you have no connections to Tony Danza. Those “Who’s the Boss” episodes were simply horrible!.