Sunday, March 15, 2009

ET go home...

Oopsie. Didn't realize that a couple posts were coming up with strange lettering!!! I hope it is fixed now, if not... someone please let me know! :)

Chase, my nephew, had a great time at his destination imagination group yesterday. I have been feeling exhausted this weekend, and sort of slept through it. :( Sorry, Chasey-man. But he called me this morning and told me all about it, and that was awesome!

I am so proud of him, because he has such a great imagination and this group is helping him with his interaction with others!! :) I love him so much.


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  1. Good for Chase. Programs like the one he attended can really help nurture a child's imagination, which can only be good for him no matter what he decides to be when he grows up.

    I'm afraid the post in question appears the same. Now that I've deciphered it, my recommendation is to remove the secret correspondence before the enemy sees it.

    I’m still baffled with the relative ease with which you got your hands on that message. Again I go: hmm... Do you have any connections to any of our intelligence agencies? Have you ever work for the NSA or Tony Danza? The best thing to do is to come clean about this situation before the feds come after you.

    Ever met in secret a man named Colonel Montoya?