Monday, February 23, 2009

Kentucky Discriminates against Singles

Senate Bill 68: 'Kids Lose Homes, Kentuckians Lose Millions Act'


KY has senate bill 68 that would make it so that any person who wants to adopt or foster a child while co-habitating with someone they aren't "legally married to" ILLEGAL. (not that i'm co-habitating with anyone... and i'm fully hetero, but what's next? NO Singles allowed to adopt at all???)

This is what it says:

Introduced by Sen. Gary Tapp (R) on February 5, 2009, to prohibit someone who is cohabitating with a sexual partner outside of marriage from becoming a foster parent, providing relative caregiver services, or adopting a child. The bill exempts situations in which a child was placed for adoption prior to this bill becoming effective.

So, anyone who lives with a boyfriend or girlfriend... even of the opposite sex, or people who live in a 'common law' marriage CANNOT adopt or foster. What, HUH??

part of one article:
..."The deceptively-worded bill is identical to a measure recently passed in Arkansas that prohibits adoption or foster care by an applicant "cohabiting with a sexual partner outside of a marriage that is legally valid in Kentucky." The language of the bill renders not just same-gender couples unfit to parent, but countless heterosexual couples that could serve as "next of kin" placement for children in need. The state would be forced to provide millions in additional foster care, an irresponsible burden to add to the Commonwealth's economic crisis. "

Anything you can do to help would be appreciated - write or call the stupid Senator...

The Fairness Campaign group is meeting this Wednesday in Frankfort to show support AGAINST this awful bill.

This first link will take you to a page where you can send a letter:

Send a Letter PLEASE :\

And, so help me, if someone tries to write to me and say that's not what this will come to... well, be warned... I'm very upset about this. This is discrimination, and it isn't right. And you don't want to see the wrath of Melissa. Red, I tell you. I'm seeing red.



  1. Melissa-

    I'm not exactly what this bill will yield, but if it's as you say it is, and it will prohibit or somehow hinder qualified individuals from adopting a child, then I'm as much against it as you are. I've yet to extract a sound and justifiable rationale for this type of mentality.

    Again, I don't know the details of this legislation, and I'd much rather keep it this way. Once I find out I, too, will start seeing red.

  2. And one more thing, for the record: I'd much rather see a child have a single parent that is loving, nurturing, and enriching in those fundamental necessities that help an infant grow up to be a good human being, than have that child in perpetual limbo until the mythic Ozzie and Harriet adoptive family surfaces. I can't believe anyone who claims to have the child's best interest in mind while demanding that type of unrealistic expectation.

  3. Apparently, it is supposed to keep anyone who isn't married, but cohabitating with a 'sexual' partner away from adopting or fostering. It really makes me mad.

    It doesn't affect me right now, but you know what? I'm an ADULT, and I should be able to adopt or foster, even if I was living with someone. If the adoption/foster agencies are OK with it, the STATE should not have a say.


    And, I agree with you.