Monday, April 9, 2007

10/26 is true

So, 10/26/05 rumor is no longer a rumor. It is a fact.

There are 3 more available log in dates for October. 10/27, 10/28 and 10/31. They are apparently HUGE. So, it might be one more month, two more months.... before I get my referral. I'm sad. But I'm ok. I've gone through so many emotions this weekend (and a non-stop-freaking-migraine attack, OMG), that I am just worn out.

Worn out.

I got some more stuff together for sis this weekend. I also made the baby's room cuter. I laid out some of her cutesy little dresses and outfits, and some of the cute toys that used to be my nephew's baby toys. My sis actually came down to trade cars back ('cause, did i mention i had a MIGRAINE FROM HELL???) and she loved it. Now, I guess I've got time to figure out how to get it really set up (she's not going to be spoiled at all, ha).

Sis was also unbelievably understanding. She said that this weekend for me is like the last few weeks of pregnancy. She would go to the doctor and they'd say... not this week, we'll induce you next week. Then the same thing happened for 3-4 more weeks. Finally, after she was a week over-due, they said they were going to induce her! I think I'm a week over-due! ROFL.

I figured everyone would just say I'm being my over-emotional self... but they didn't. I have wonderful family and friends. Thank God.

Today, my agency rep "S" said... "IT WILL HAPPEN"..... so, I will keep my eye on the prize and keep moving forward.


Say it with me.... THIS ADOPTION WILL HAPPEN!!!!

She also said that I'm allowed to vent... and tell all those folks who Worry, Fret, Get Angry, Moan, Groan, Bitch, Cry for their entire wait (in my case 17.5 mo so far)... that I don't know how you do it!!! I'd be in an insane asylum if I did that this entire time! There. I said it! This is truly the first month I've been *upset* that I didn't get my referral. I've been inordinately patient up to this point. But now, I WANT MY DAUGHTER. So, no offense to anyone out there. But, I honestly don't know how you do it if you worry this much for the entire wait. Really. We've got to relax. Remember..... IT WILL HAPPEN.

I hope you all had a better weekend than I did. I ditched everyone. My dad, my brother Joe, and my friend Joe. The "M" word (migraines) SUCK. I apologize to everyone for that.



  1. Damn woman. I can't believe how positive you're staying, you are going to be such an amazing mom.
    I am PRAYING for you big time that you see your baby's face in the next batch of referrals.

    You're amazing.

  2. You are too sweet, Kris! I have had more than one melt-down lately. I guess, I try to realize that it will happen and it isn't in my direct control. That's the logical side of me. The other side... let's just say it deals with it via the "M" word.

    Thanks for your encouragement!! :)