Monday, April 2, 2007

This weekend

So, Friday... we went to pick up my nephew (ok, Sis did, but I was on my way, too)... and BIL called ME and told me that Sis doesn't have Nephew for her normal weekend because of Spring Break. Of course he lied... she was supposed to have him Friday night until Sat., 9am. UGH. Very frustrating. And then the kicker is that he is on his *power trip* and even though he said Sis could probably have C this weekend at some point, he didn't let her. Liar. :( Makes me mad. I could talk a lot more about this, but I'll just keep it to myself for now.

Saturday was a VERY LONG day for me, for some reason. I checked the boards and blogs a thousand times. Then, I had a meltdown. Not sure why, except that this week should hopefully be referral time. With everything going on, I guess I just needed a good cry. Sis' friend kept picking on me (in fun), but it wasn't feeling so funny (he was picking on my singing...and anyone who knows me know that offends me a bit). Then his kids were not so nice that day. It was all I could do to stay there. But Sis convinced me to stay and the kids apologized and brought my stuff back in. His daughter, K, was very sweet and spent most of the night trying to cheer me up.

Yesterday, Sis got the keys to her new house (that she is renting). It is pretty cool! Great master bedroom and huge kitchen (which she loves). The girls and I drove to my house and FILLED my car with stuff for Sis' new place. It was fun. We blasted the radio the whole way there. :) They loved Manna and said I should take her to Sis'. lol. K and I went to Wally World and got Sis some stuff for the house (kitchen stuff, bathroom stuff.... ya know). Then I went to Kroger and got some fridge basics. Sis got a free bed, TV and dresser from B's neighbor yesterday, too! That was awesome.

OMG OMG OMG, I almost forgot! K saw a LADYBUG on Sis' new windowsill yesterday!!! That is good luck for sure, right?!!! :) That is the first one I've seen in AGES. No joke.

So, this all kept my mind off the impending referrals (yesterday, anyhow) that *might* still come today... although, it isn't looking good at all right now.

Oh, and OSU is in the college basketball finals tonight!! WOOHOO. Go Buckeyes!! :)


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