Monday, April 2, 2007

Latest rumor and stuff

Well, the latest news is that TA's arrived today, not referrals. WAAAAH. The stork played a trick on us, it seems.

Rumor is, we won't have Referrals until later this week... maybe. Who knows! :(

Bah Humbug. (ok, that's Christmas, but it is fitting here) Crimeny, Crud, Crappola. I'm grumpy now.

And I know people are like... why (am I grumpy all of the sudden)? WELL, LET ME TELL YOU.... It has been 17 months just waiting after I was logged in. I've been working on this since JANUARY 2005. Boys and girls, that makes it 2 years and 3 months! OMG.

I've been very patient. More patient than I EVER thought I would be. But....


Ok, at least let me know that I'll be next. Ya know? Really. This stinks. I had comfort food for lunch (a tuna melt) and now I'm having Chocolate. Deep breath. This too shall pass. I *WILL* get a referral. I just don't know when. Really. God is good to me. I'm just wishing we'd hear something. ANYTHING.

Oh, and CONGRATS to those who got their TA's. That's just the next cog on the wheel. :)



  1. I hope this is just a rumor. Maybe there will be some referrals peek through.

    I keep checking bloglines, and I will keep checking. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

  2. I'm eating chocolate too, just in sympathy for you!! Hang in there. I can't believe how far off the rumors were this go round. I can't remember that happening before. BAH HUMBUG!

  3. Thanks, Shannon and Stacy. I'm trying to stay positive, but it isn't working so well today.

    I hope we hear something SOON.


  4. Hang in there Mom... she's coming, I promise. Referrals are usually on the heels of TAs...

    Keep eating all the comfort food you need to in the meantime...until you see that precious face.

    BIG hugs.

  5. Hi! I've enjoyed reading your blog and wanted to let you know you are not alone in the wait or in your frustration. I was sure they were coming yesterday too and threw myself a nice pity party when they didn't arrive. Still hope for this week!