Sunday, April 29, 2007

Almost 18 months and Monday

So, in a couple days I will hit the 18 month mark of waiting (would be the 31st, but since there are only 30 days this month... it'll be Tuesday, I guess). Wow. Just crazy. I'm still OK, I'm figuring it will happen (sooner or later)!!

I wonder what is going to happen tomorrow. Will the CCAA send referrals? Just TA's? Will they send anything before their vacation? (I think they will, but am not sure if it will be referrals.) I read that they are working this weekend. I also wonder how many days they'll do this time.

Between this and work, I'm a stress-ball (as my friend Joe says...)

Oh, and Sis goes to court tomorrow... let's *HOPE AND PRAY* she gets good news... custody? God, I hope so. Really. Something has got to go her way.

Pray, Pray, Pray.

Really. Let's see what this week is gonna bring!



  1. I'll be keeping both of you in my thoughts. I sure hope things go smoothly for your sister.

  2. Checked a friend's blog (A Red Thread Connection, linked from my site) who heard they got through to November 1st... 6 days. So hope that's true.

  3. Oh, sorry, forgot to say I hope all goes well with your sister...

    And one more thing, the RQ site said November 1 as well.