Wednesday, April 4, 2007

No news

No new rumors. :( So, today... no news ='s no good news. bah.


Does this mean referrals won't come until the end of the month? Some folks say next week, but that just seems so odd to me. When was the last time referrals came mid month?

Peace. (although, i'm not feeling quite so peaceful today)


  1. God no, please not the end of the month!!! Hang in there. Here you are on the brink of your referral and I'm LID as of today. Remember when you were LID??? God I have a long way to go!!

  2. Dude... they are posting on SAC that the stork is in the air again... BUT DO NOT pay attention to the cut off date, it's only ONE agency claiming this right now and NO WAY did CCAA only do 4 days of referrals (at that rate, I'd age out before I became a mom.. HA).
    Hope this rumor is true and that you see your baby's face SOON.

  3. Hey Melis,

    You probably dont want to hear this but they do say "good things come to those who wait" Your referral will come soon enough and before you know it youll be face to face with your baby =) Feel free to smack me upside the head in Cinci ;)