Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Maggi Zora

So, I'm sitting here on a conference call, yes, at 7am... ugh... and my friend told me last night that I hadn't blogged in a few days... what was going on? Well, nothing much is going on... with rumors, anyway.

Here I sit. Waiting. (yawn)

Alright, you want to know why I named this Maggi Zora? Well, if you scroll down, you will see my lovely Maggi. If you just glance at her (or even look at her hard), you might think she has a mask on. I noticed just how much her little black face looks like a mask this weekend and it reminded me of the Mask of Zorro. But she can't be Zorro, that's a boy! So, She's Zora. Looks funny, but that's what I've been calling her. I'm a goof. Yes, it is official.

Referrals are rumored to be sent prior to April 30 or after May 7. That's quite a window. Some say they think that the CCAA will get through all of the rest of October this time, and others say maybe they'll get through one day. (one or three days, who's counting? well, I am! i'm on that third day) Let's see.

Right now, I'm ok with this. Better, anyway. I'm feeling much better this week than I was last week. I hope other 10/31'ers are hanging in there, too. This feels like the last mile or two of a marathon for me. I've had my cry. Gotten through the hard miles. Now, I'm almost there... and I have to keep reminding myself - I WILL FINISH. This will happen.

Last week you got a pregnancy reference. This week marathons. What will she think of next?!



  1. I think Maggi is just adorable! Then again I am a bit parital to shelties!! :) Very clever name I like it!

  2. She DOES look like Zorro. A loveable, furry Zorro!!

  3. Aww, thanks! :) She and I went running again tonight, I'd guess almost 2 miles together. Her tongue has been hanging out ever since. haha. She definitely likes to run.

    My little Maggi Zora! haha


  4. The nickname for Maggi, very cute. I call my dog Boober(his name is Ransom), so don't feel bad!

    I was just thinking that your wait reminded me of my last 3/10ths of a mile in my first 15K. It seemed to take FOREVER for that last 3/10ths to be done- but, just when I least expected it, rounding another corner... at last, the finish!

    God I hope it's right around the corner for you.