Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lay Down

Ok, so proud mommy alert.... I got Maggi to "Lay Down" with a treat today. Very cool.

She knows how to Stay, Drop a toy... etc. But we've never worked on Laying Down. She 'sits' on command sometimes, but not always. Overall, she is a VERY smart dog, and I'm very happy she's mine. So, looks like the new command to master is Lay Down. :)

Nothing else to report, except I'm TIRED. Work is very long this week, but I'll manage.

Oh, and rumors.... same ol' same ol'.



  1. That's a big step! Congrats Maggie!

    Get some rest ~ it's Friday!

  2. I almost had a heart attack when you said, "proud mommy moment" thinking... hell no she's not telling us of her referral like this is she? Where are the whistles and bells?? I'm dying over here. My heart skips a beat everytime I check your site.

    Glad Maggie is learning English. My dog speaks some dang foreign language, that is rooted in panic attack lingo. So skittish that one.