Tuesday, April 10, 2007

There is always something good

Well, after my "M" illness from hell this weekend, there were some good things that happened.

1. Sis' deposition: she didn't have to be deposed, because after BIL was deposed, the lawyers realized that they should DROP THE ORDER!! WOOOHOOO. That is awesome. One more step in the right direction. It doesn't fix everything, but definitely a win for our side.

2. Did I mention that Sis brought the baby (read: me) an Easter toy? It is a plush kitty that opens up into a pillow type thing. It is WAY cool, and just what *I* (the soon-to-be (hopefully) mommy) needed.

3. My friend at work bought a new car and has a friend who is going to come live with her in October. It is something she wants and I'm excited for her.

4. Maggi's vet visit went wonderfully yesterday. Dr. Stacey said that she looks perfect, and was very pleased that I (we - sis helped) keep her collar on for the full 2 weeks! She is 10lb 13oz now. Everyone keeps saying she's so tiny. It is funny.

OH, and Maggi was 5 months old on Easter (and Joe's bday)!!! :D That is so fun (to me, anyway). Happy birthday, my little Maggi-Moo. I got her a new bed and a couple of toys. She's not spoiled... (that's my story, and I'm sticking to it)

Really, Maggi is just a doll. We've got to work on her barking, but other than that... She is a LOVE... loves to play and has a fantastic disposition. I just think she's the greatest! (speaking of which, my friend reminded me of the trials i had getting her... and that the excitement and sadness of lack-of-referral this weekend was sort of like that... and she is right. I'm just waiting for *my* baby daughter. whoever she may be. God bless her and keep her.)


ps. Here are a couple of Easter pics - that poor Easter Bunny!! (oh, and i think it is time for some high-lights, yeesh).

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