Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Needles suck

Ok, technically they don't, they poke. But they hurt nonetheless. I had my allergy retest today. Lots and lots of needle pokes. No fun at all. Interestingly, I'm not allergic to all the stuff I used to be, however, I'm still allergic to 10 things on their list. Two of which are dust mites, then there are a couple of molds, a couple trees (birch and some type of cedar), cats, horses, cockroaches (yes, ewww, they tested me for that), oh, and bluegrass (which, of course, is the kind of grass i have).

The 3rd round of needles (about 30 shots in each arm, so 60 shots total) really sucked. And then I itched... arms, face, nose, head. Ugh. I also felt a little out of breath. So, I used my inhaler. They gave me a Zyrtec and a shot to help my allergies. They made me sit for awhile to make sure I was ok.

The *good news* is that I *only* have to have one shot a week instead of two now! woohoo.

Maggi ran for the 2nd time last night. Almost 2 miles again. She did great. Definitely likes to run more than walk. Pulls less. Read somewhere today she can get up to 5 miles 3x a week. Very good news.

Still waiting. Work is stressful this week.



  1. Needles ~ YUCK!! I bet you will feel better though.

    Sorry work is stressful. It is almost Friday!!

    Yeah Maggi!

  2. Ouch. I think I'm allergic to roaches too- nothing wrong with that... KEEP them AWAY. I'll take my snake that's been hanging around ANY day of the week over a roach.

    Sorry you had to get poked all over.

  3. 60 needles?????? I think I'm gonna faint.........