Monday, January 26, 2009


I had a bad dream last night... I know it was only a dream, but it still sits with me wrong.

For some reason I had to go to a meeting with some other adoptive parents. I took Lil M with me. When I got there, the person in charge said that I had to give her back. And that she was "supposed" to go with this other family. That I got a different baby. So, they took her away and gave me another child to parent. :( Told me thanks for taking care of her for them...? She was younger than she is in reality, so I got the impression it was just for a few months. But, it sucked.

I haven't had that type of dream before. Maybe it means I've gotten comfortable and that's my subconscious trying to tell me I'm not as good as a bio parent... and that someone can just come take her away. I do know LOGICALLY that isn't the case.


PS. Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!


  1. I think dreams like the one you had are known to be normal. If you care about someone very much, and you ardently protect that someone from danger or spend a good portion of your waking time ensuring that someone (in this case Mia) is safe and well taken care of, then the dream simply highlight your greatest fear: that she won't be taken care of or that her safety, in some way, might be compromised.

    Now, we both know that Mia is perfectly safe and nothing will ever happen to her. Anyone who knows how much you love her will know to take their chances with a grizzly bear than dare to so much look at Mia the wrong way. But you, as a caring parent, instinctively worry about ANYTHING or ANYONE that may cause her harm, hence, the irrational dream.

    This dream is much to your credit as a parent, when you think about it. I don't thing parents who are apathetic about their children worry like you worry, or dream like you dream.

    Take care,
    Dr. Phil

  2. BTW, in our last session, you claimed mangos were plotting against you. How is that coming along? If it's gotten worse, I'm thinking of increasing your medication to two placebos a day. Let me know of any side-affects. Bill you later.

    Dr. Philly

  3. Thanks, Dr. Phil (uh, Tom). :) Very interesting perspective. Much better than what I was thinking! lol

    I'll keep you posted if I have any more dreams about the mangos... they are scary!!! ROFL


  4. I think every parent dreams of the loss of their children one way or another. I think adoptive parents would dream quicker about another family taking the child like you dreamed because, well, we have taken a child either from a family (foster) or orphanage situation. You maybe feeling a bit of stress too just from life that makes your dreams seem much more heavy.