Friday, January 23, 2009

Trust but verify

In these times of change, I keep thinking of the words of Reagan... (paraphrase) Trust but verify. We must trust that God is in control. We must trust that there is a purpose of what's going on even when we can't fully see or understand it. The verifying I speak of is not with God. It is with our government. I'm trying to trust that this is going to be as OK as the "majority" seems to think it will be. But, for this, I need more verification. Hopefully, that is to come. Let's see. I'm still pretty disgusted with the inauguration day festivities that they showed on TV. Oh well, today is a new day.

Here on the home front, I got a new cube at work. So, I don't sit in the 'bull-pen' anymore (an old conference room turned into an office with 6 desks). Downside is that I sit in front of the boss. eek. lol. I'll be fine. :) Some people think this is a good sign, and that they might want to hire me on perm sometime. I really hope so, but I'm not getting my hopes up. They aren't fully convinced of what I'll help them with long-term. I've got to prove it to them (trust but verify - for them)...

A friend of mine (J) got laid off today. Ugh. That stinks. So... I pray he is able to trust that God has a plan for him.


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  1. I’m confident that the economy will eventually straighten itself out simply because we live in a country where entrepreneurship is still valued, and with it the aspiration to become affluent. The American dream is not defunct, and still serves as a carrot that many people reach out to grab.

    Recently I finished catching up on all the the posts that I’ve missed since...well, the last time I visited your blog (I’ve done the same with a couple of other blogs that I enjoy but hadn’t visited in a while). And like you say, your life has changed! Mia has shot up like a little sprout, and your work situation - after many tries - has apparently gotten much, much better. Scott seems like a really nice guy, and good to both you and Mia. The best for you all:0)