Friday, January 16, 2009

Why do we care...

As you know, I got my hair cut yesterday. I've gotten some interesting comments today. Ok, one. Almost all the comments were positive. I'm sure it was somewhat a shock to others to see my hair short, compared to just yesterday. The one guy was just horrified I got it cut off. LOL. And it kind of hurt my feelings at first... but I got over it quickly. But it got me to thinking... why do we care what others think? More importantly, why do I?

Growing up, I was always compared to Sis... in some way or another. That's just because we are twins. And I know that... I even knew that when I was young. But I think I care what others think because when I was a kid everything I did was measured up against her. Kind of an odd thing, if you think about it. When you're a kid you don't understand why they are doing it. I don't even think they realized it, most of the time. But what I do usually goes through the litmus test of what others think. Actually, I don't like that. I've been working on how I handle it when someone tells me I "should" do something or another. This is like that.

Don't get me wrong, I have NO problems with Sis or how others relate to us. It was a learning experience, and it is apparently something I'm still learning from even today. So, I'm not sure *I* know what to think of my new haircut yet... but I'm trying my best to look at it through my own eyes and no one elses. :)



  1. Your haircut - first and foremost - looks very nice, so don’t give too much attention to those who put in their unsolicited criticism. Even if it looked horrendous - which it doesn’t - there are social standards that should restrict what you can say and what you can’t. Those same social norms, if observed, would have prevented certain individuals in the past from asking you if Mia is adopted. I’m not exactly sure the purpose of asking a question like that, nor do I see the wisdom in answering it since nothing changes after a “yes” response.

    Sibling rivalry is inevitable. Just don’t forget you’re family.

    Say, I came across an article detailing the jury deliberations in a Kentucky case in which a man was found guilty of illegally making his own whiskey. His entire fate was based on the brief exchange of two older jurors:

    - “Hey Jasper.”
    - “What’s up Jebediah.”
    - “I need my teeth back.”

    Tomorrow I get my new do with Armand. I feel so sorry for him. Did you know he travels with his own mattress?

    I wondering if I should stay conservative and do a “Carrie Bradshaw” or go hog wild and do a “Samantha Jones” instead. Anyway, slumber party afterwards if anybody is interested! NO boys allowed - except may be Hank.

  2. Thanks, Tom!!! You are so right (aren't you always?)!! I wish I could say he was the first person (man) who said something inappropriate to me. But, alas, he isn't. And, he won't be the last. The upside is that I have fantastic friends...

    As for the adoption question, here here! I feel like asking someone sometime some really inappropriate or nosy question... but I haven't brought myself to do that...yet. ;-)

    Sis and I are absolutely family... so are the rest of them! *snort* And I do love them, no matter what.

    Now, don't you be picking on good old Jeb there... it was awful tough to gnaw on the beef bone without those good teeth!!

    I hope Armand does right by you! I say go wild!!! :) The sleepover should be fun. Don't forget the mimosas and pink fuzzy slippers. Just make sure when you paint your toes that you don't put the slippers on until they are really dry!!! ;-)

    Happy thoughts!

  3. first, you are a rockstar with the hair... it looks incredible. WORK IT. think rockstar. trust me on this.

    second, i don't know why we get caught in caring what others think, but I will admit that as i've gotten older, it matters less and less- i've come to love me for me and if you can't take me as i am, oh well kind of thing. it's SO liberating.

  4. My observation is that some men just really REALLY like long hair sometimes even to the point of weirdness. My hair used to be past my waist & there were a few times where a total stranger seemed to be overly fixated on it. I understand that all of us like certain characteristics, but this particular feature is one that a few guys are obsessed with.

    Of course I like your new haircut - it looks a lot like the cut I had a couple of years ago. :-)