Sunday, January 18, 2009

New regimine

...or is that regime? ;-)

One thing that I've been into lately is skin care. Completely into it. I've been using drugstore brands for EVER, and I'm very happy with those. But, I decided a few months ago to try some new stuff. There is a brand called M Asam (on HSN) that I LOVE... absolutely love the eye cream. I've never been able to find an eye cream that can really be used around the eyes. This one is amazing. I've noticed a difference, even. There are a couple other spots that I wanted to target that seem to look better too. :) They also offer a fantastic hand cream that has done great things for my hands this winter. (in conjunction with the Eucerin Hand Creme). I've found that it must be hand cream, though, not lotion or any other kind of concoction.

Sis got me a new kit for Christmas that I love! Believe it or not, it is the Cindy Crawford kit. I used the face mask last night and it was awesome. Not too drying. The eye cream is amazing, too. And I really like the morning and night cream. It might be a keeper. :)

One that I tried recently was Wei East. It wasn't good for me. NOT because I didn't like the products. I did! I really liked the face serum, especially. But for some reason I was allergic to the face stuff... the lotions and maybe even the serum. :( booh.

So, a question I've been mulling over... can you be 'green' and still have great skincare? Probably. Am I there yet? No. I'm not using witch hazel. I'm not going without my store-bought products that are manufactured. But, I *am* taking care of myself. And that is pretty well equal in my mind in order of importance. That is just for me, though. :) Hence, the new regime. It's called... this is the year of Melissa trying to figure out what is good for Melissa. If that makes me selfish, then so be it. But I would say that God wants us to consider ourselves, as well as everyone else. And that does not make us selfish. Love your neighbor AS YOURSELF. If you don't know what it is to truly love yourself, you can't love your neighbor.

PS. I think I like the new haircut. Still a few more days to really know, but so far so good. lol



  1. Oh I thwear, those creams keep my fathe heavenly and wrinkle free (sorry for the lisp).

    I use the L'Oreal Dermo-Expertise Age Perfect Day Cream for Mature Skin. I came across it at my local drugstore not too long ago while I was searching for Sorbitol, which is a gentle but thorough laxative. Anyhoo, the cream is fantastic! It’s an anti-sagging and ultra-hydrating cream. You see, at my age the metabolism of the epidermis slows down, and my hormonal changes modify the structure of the skin. Little by little, skin sags, becomes dehydrated and dull, age spots appear. But with the LDEAPDC for MS cream my skin is deeply hydrated all day, and it brightens and smoothes, reducing the appearance of surface wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. It’s also has SPF sun screen that helps protect skin from sun damage. Can you believe it!! Thweet.

    Before LDEAPDC for MS cream, I used a facial cream that contained a dash of real peach and a shot of snake venom. Can you believe that??? Real peach in facial cream! My goodneth.

    I’ve also used Skanky by Paris Hilton. Not bad.

    Can I be green and still have great skin care? Well, for me the question is, can I be fabulous and still look fabulous. LOL! At Rob and Linda’s party a few weekends ago, I arrived looking like Elizabeth Taylor did when she played Cleopatra. Yes, it did wipe out an entire species from the rainforest just to make the eyeliner alone, but I looked astonishing.

  2. how was your hair appt with Armand? ;-)

    we ARE fabulous!!! :) LDEAPDC *snort*

  3. Armand was fabulouth. It was like getting a haircut by Siegfried or Roy. He did upset me a little, since he apparently likes cutting my hair to his taste rather than mine. I said nothing, of coarse. Armand is very sensitive, and any stress might have caused him to have an accident right there in the parlor with everybody watching.

    Do you ever get split-ends? I do and I think my curlers are the culprit. I believe there is a homemade treatment involving mayonnaise and root beer (deeelicious!). Have to look into it.