Monday, January 12, 2009

Stay the course

About once a week (or more), I check my bills, finances and bank accounts. Is that excessive? Not for me. lol. It keeps me on track... if I was a better money manager (and I feel like I'm pretty good, when I'm not shopping too much)... I might not feel the need to look at it so often. But I do. This helps me adjust/re-adjust where and when I need to. This year, though, I'm going to try to be more diligent about my actual budget, so maybe I won't have to adjust as much.

I'm going to soak some black beans tonight, so we can have beans and rice, tacos, and stuffed peppers. I think all of these dishes will be made with the beans... unless I'm tired of them, and then I'll break out the ground turkey! ha.

The jury duty thing is going to be fine, since I only have to go one morning a week, for the next 8 weeks. I've decided to make up some of the time by working 1/2 hour extra a day. I am trying to remind myself that I used to be away from Mia more than this when I worked up north... Last week was a little tough, because it was our first full week back to work and daycare. I'm hoping we're both a little less touchy this week.

I bought some Borax at my last shopping trip, and now am going to try to find the other ingredients to make my own washing detergent.... but, only if it is more economical. I'm definitely glad I've gone back to the cloth diapers (except when she's at DC). I like not putting so much in the landfills. And, as someone pointed out, even though I have to wash them... i wasn't accounting for the fact that it takes energy to make the other ones, gases/chemicals, the labor to take them to the landfill and then they don't decompose. SO. I'm definitely more into the idea now...

That being said, Lil M has started the beginnings of potty training. So... it's all good.



  1. I, too, am trying to be more fiscally responsible this year, but I’m lacking in discipline. I’m trying to focus on getting my credit cards paid-off and start saving again. I admire you for having the restraints that I lack.

    Looks like Little Mia is going to have a yummy dinner tonight:0) I know she’s just a little baby, but how on earth does she keep her figure?? Everything I eat goes straight to my thighs!

    As for cloth diapers, I find them to be very comfortable. Very little chaffing and soft on the bottom. And because it’s cloth and rather comfy, I don’t mind having to wait until somebody changes me:0)

    Say, can you go to jury duty armed with your own weapon? I don’t own any, but because you live in (yeeeehaaa!) Kentucky, that type of thing might be more permissible. Do you guys still hang people? I know Boss Hog is still looking for those good ol’ boys that never meant any harm - that’s not by you, is it?

    Little M will do fine with her potty training, cause she’s smart and cute. I could use some tips with my own potty mouth - I mean potty training - if you have any.

    Gosh, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to be this wacky.

  2. You're so funny! Glad you can have fun here.

    Yes, Kentuckians are gun-toting republicans (sweeping generalization, of course)... but, they aren't allowed in the courthouse! lol

    As for potting training...they say for boys, that you put some Cheerios in the toilet and aim!! haha. Just don't eat them afterward. Make sure you flush the toilet. ROFL


  3. and by not allowed, i mean guns. gun-toting republicans are allowed.. just sans guns. lol

  4. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and commenting about Ann Coulter- the hateful witch!

    I just started cleaning with Borax and it's amazing! It does a better job than anything else and it's non-toxic :)

    Your little girl is adorable!

  5. Food sounds yummy!

    I've never done jury duty - sounds exciting! Good luck with it!