Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Resolutions 2009

So, today I thought of a couple of resolutions I'd like to focus on in 2009:

1. Work on my finances again. 2008 was a bit rough for me, and I'd like to get some money back in the bank. So, the resolutions are:
a) pay off 2 credit cards paid (and keep them paid off),
b) start contributing to my 401K again,
c) start saving a monthly amount for my emergency fund again

2. Get back to my marathons. I'd like to run my 10th state this year. If not, I'd settle for at least one 1/2 marathon (which usually leads to more!).

3. Pay off my car.

I'm prayerfully considering others, but I think that might be enough for now!



  1. If you would like some motivation on getting your finances in order and you have not joined the small group Bible study from crown.org (find a class near you); I would highly recommend it. 10 weeks, 2-hours each class. Based on the Bible and what God commands us to do with our money and possessions. This class changed our lives. Hoping you will find great fellowship in the class and 10 weeks of spiritual growth.
    Contact me on our blog if you would like to hear/read more.....

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  2. while you're at it, can you pay off my big credit card and contribute to my 401K? thanks... so much :O)

    good resolutions i need to get running again too.

  3. very good resolutions esp the running and finance ones.