Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another reason to hate Belgium

A fellow blogger wrote this... and I was just horrified when I read it... so I thought I'd share. I really think this is horrendous. (sidenote: I worked for a woman from Belgium who seemed like she couldn't care less about her own kids, or anyone else. how sad.)

Here are her words - taken from

I received an email from HSDLA with this article. It is VERY disturbing, but people must hear it to PRAY! Pray for the children, the government, and our rights to never be taken away as a parent!

Along with this article it mentions parents who were jailed for not getting their kids vaccinated. Does anyone have suggestions beside prayer that we can do for these families and children?

Building a Better Society?

The Belgian government’s authority over the health and education of its children is deemed by many as a mark of progress toward a “better society” where children’s rights are properly recognized and protected. Those that satisfy the government’s standards live in peace. For the rest, there is no peace, and sometimes, they are not even allowed to live.

Since 2002, Belgium has allowed doctors to terminate the lives of infants under the age of 12 months if they feel the baby is somehow disabled or deficient, and is likely to suffer in life as a result.14 More than half of the Belgian babies who die before they are a year old are killed by deliberate medical intervention.15 In 16% of cases, parental consent was not even considered.16 To put these numbers in perspective, the CIA World Fact Book estimates that roughly 106,000 babies are born in Belgium each year.17 Even using conservative estimates of Belgium’s rate of assisted-suicide in infants, one can estimate that some 470 children will die before they celebrate their first birthday. Of these 470, more than 200 will die not from natural causes, but from direct medical intervention. Forty (40) of them will die regardless of their parents’ wishes, objections, or pleadings. Such a program might produce a “better society,” but one is left in horror at the ultimate sacrifice of innocent babies.

Unfortunately, the program has been deemed so “successful” in Belgium that in March 2008, the government began considering legislation that would also make assisted-suicide available to teenagers and younger children who are terminally-ill.18

to see full article go here

Please pray for the children of Belgium.



  1. Thanks so much for spreading the word on Belgium. Thanks for your REAL comments on my sites... here is my response to your adoption questions.
    I totally understand your reponse... I am a real person and I'm not afraid to hide who I am or what I feel like at anytime. I momentarily thought of going back and changing my words because I realized how they might be perceived. However, I'm not going to make excuses for my heart and that's exactly where it was at the time. I thought my above post set the record straight... My heart was realigned with God's promises and caling on my life. I called my kids just yesterday and told them I love them and I WILL ADOPT them and that I love them. I couldn't bare to think that they might think that I wasn't further creating abandonment issues... I'm committed. I know it will not be easy every journey builds strength and character. If you know me and who I am you wouldn't be asking me these questions. I'm a Director of a Women's and Children's shelter. I'm not naive. Like I said I got a year of wonderful report on my children, so the last trip took my off guard. Which I'm normally never am.
    When I chose them I gave no prerequisite. I love those kids in Haiti like my flesh and even though I had momentary doubt I'm in MUCH company with adoptive families. It is part of the natural process. If you've read about adoption you would understand that, but I'm sure do understand. Thanks for all your responses. I appreciate each and everyone. As you can see I'm a too the point individual. Never let my forwardness seem harsh. It's responded with in Love :) Emma

  2. I'm taking a class right now about current social problems(it's actually called current social problems) and we've been talking about this a lot. The founder of Plan Parenthood believed a lot of these philosophies. It's scary isn't it? It is defenitly something to pray about. Thank you for posting the article, Mis!

    Love to you and Mia,

  3. You're so welcome, Hannah!! :) Yeah, I just can't believe it... beyond words.

    Sounds like you're doing well. Glad you're back on blogspot!! Miss you.

    Love you,
    MissMelis and Mia

  4. Life is not always sweet and beautiful.

  5. Wow-disturbing. I had not heard any of this before.

  6. Since life is "not always sweet and beautiful" we should think that killing children is ever ok?? NO.

    I never said life is "always sweet and beautiful"... life is rough. That does not mean that you should kill someone because they have a disability or illness.


  7. Very, VERY disturbing. I had not heard of this type of atrocity taking place within a country that is NOT third-world, and, of all things, a member of NATO.

    "Life is not always sweet and beautiful."


  8. Tom, yeah...ditto for both. WTF, is what I want to know. Ugh.

  9. Thanks for posting this. It is scary and if we aren't careful with our own physician asst suicide and selective abortions of children with disabilities we will be there too!

  10. by the way your baby is a doll!

  11. Hi i'm glad you got so much coverage from posting this article. Thanks for you comments once again on my site. How is your menu planning coming along? I did one for the first time in a lONG time last week and it was SWELL! ;))