Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Yes we can...?

As the new President of the United States is inaugurated today, I just have one observation... ok, probably more than that, but one for now...

Yes WE can??? I use the "we" term a lot, because I'm a twin. I take responsibility. I am part of that equation. But if we listen to the hype of what Obama is saying without actually taking responsibility of our own, there is no 'Yes We Can'. It is only Yes - YOU - can... or him, or her... or someone else. Expecting someone to SAVE us is yes you can... not yes we can.

So, besides wondering what President Obama is going to do in the next 4 years... I want to know what WE the people are going to do differently???? ANYTHING??? Because if we don't... then we can't blame it all on the government when miracles don't happen. Miracles start with us. WE the PEOPLE. We have to step up to the plate and make our country a better place to live. A better place to be.

I want this world to be a better place for Lil M. But that requires work on my part, as well as the rest of you. So, the question is... are YOU ready to step up to the plate and help? Or are you waiting for a savior? (And if you are... btw, I know a good one and his name isn't Obama...it's JESUS).



  1. I'm NOT an Obama supporter, and - just so anyone who reads this is clear - race has NOTHING to with it. I just simply don't like his politics or his policies or his vice-president or...well, why go on.

    I think I would make a pretty good president. I would limit my indecency to minor scandals and numerous affairs. I would never, NEVER, accept a bribe for a political favor that I wouldn’t benefit from as well. And I would make sleeping til 10 A.M. mandatory for federal employees. Oh, and out of respect for our national treasure, Richard Simons, I would build a monument to his favorite drink, Yoohoo!

    Toby would be my V.P.

    Doesn’t that sound thweet? Oops! I’m lisping again.

  2. I totally agree! This attitude that some person is going to step in, fix everything and save us all is a recipe for disaster. Well written!