Saturday, January 17, 2009

With friends like that

**note** this post is NOT for my family, or my close friends or Scott. I love you all very much. this is just a VENT session... a happier post to come. :)

When you open yourself up on the web... apparently, people feel like they have the right to criticize you. The comments over the past few days have made me realize that I am not the one with the problem (in this situation). Here is what I see:

1. people are insecure. if you mention that you might have a flaw, they pounce on it, and tell you WHY (or simply that) you are "too needy" - yes, well... KMA.

2. people suck. what gives one person the right to disparage another person, just because they are more vocal that others? nothing. nothing gives you that right. that is your TONGUE that is doing it, and i would implore you go read your Bible. And put down the alcohol.

3. people are mean. grow a heart, for God's sake.

For the record. I do not blog for anyone but myself...ok, and for Mia. I LOVE it that you all come here to lurk or to talk to me. Love it. I'm sure it is part of what keeps me going, and motivated. Sure of it. I just needed to vent, so I apologize ... this post is NOT for almost every single one of you.

God is good to me. And I've learned something...even when I don't act on it. I don't deserve to be treated like crap. Friends who treat you like crap aren't friends. Spend your time (talking, writing, hanging out, whatever) with people that don't treat you like crap. That is the moral of the story.



  1. Gosh, where did this come from? Did some commentator leave rude messages?

    When you post things, I STRONGLY recommend you not post anything that will violate your privacy or your safety. You're safe with people like me or Kris, but the fact of the matter is that your blog is opened to anyone, which means loony-tunes have access to anything you write and any pictures you post. But don’t let this bottle you up. Ignore those nasty detractors and consider them Am I close to what actually happened?

    KMA is good response. What about VHS? I once told a very rude driver here in Vegas that his uncle was a no-good DAP and that he should take a giant RAM and ABS himself with it. I also gave him the FUT gesture. In retrospect, I should have handled the whole thing differently since he was driving a bus full of kids.


  2. It should read "...consider them embittered, even with their own lives."


  3. Tom, it was absolutely NOT you or kris or any of my close friends... sorry for the vent. i just got mad. maybe i should get rid of the post...

    I do try to keep personal info to a minimum when I'm writing in 'public'. the advice is definitely good though, for anyone else who might not know that!!! :)

    Once again... you're too funny! :)