Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Yes, I actually named this post 'potty'. Between the dogs, cat and Lil M... well, and me, there's a lot of pottying going on at the house. *snort*

Manna, for instance, has been going pee in the box SO much lately. So, when we went for her check-up last night at the vet, he said he'd make sure to check her kidneys. She's got hyper-thyroidism and is on meds twice a day. She gained 1/2 a pound, and is at 7lbs now!! Woot. However, she's throwing up a lot these days, and going to the box a LOT. The vet bill last night was -gasp- $317! They prescribed 6 months of her pills for me... but still. Anyone who doesn't think their pets aren't expensive are nuts. I don't care, really, about the cost. I'd pay whatever I can... but it is getting pretty expensive.

I've been sitting Lil M on her potty every day, in the evenings, for probably 2 months now. This past week or so, I've been sitting her on it first thing in the mornings, too. And she now says "I did it!" when she goes on the potty. Last night she was real quick, even. She sat for less than 5 minutes. (before, it was 15 min or more, sometimes) This morning and yesterday she went pee and poo. Very good. We're not to the stage where she tells me she's got to go, but it'll be cool when she can/does.

The pups are doing pretty good, too. Boy, do they know how to stare me down when they have to go out! lol. I've had to watch Skippy more, because if I'm not in the room, he doesn't signal me and has had a couple of accidents. Maggi...well, she's just a smart dog!!! Seriously, she is. If she didn't bark, she'd be perfect. But, I'm trying to deal with it, 'cause she's just a sweetie. They all are.

I'm blessed.



  1. It's interesting about vet bills... my girlfriend's dog just cost them several thousand dollars (after ingesting poison) and I seriously had to think...

    Good luck with Mia... I confess to being glad those days are behind me. ;-)

  2. Sorry to hear about Manna. I know all too well how ridiculously expensive a trip to the vet can be. As a matter of fact, my experiences with the Critter has had me look into pet insurance for Toby, and I think I may have found the right one (pet insurance - sounds absurd, doesn’t it?) But what are you going to do? You love them and they are a part of your family.

    Little M is coming along quite well, I see. She’s a smart baby and will learn the ins and outs of poopy-training for sure (did I just say “poopy”?).

    I’ve always been afraid to fall in the potty, which is why I wear a baby float when it’s time to go. I never go near the potty without wearing one, no matter how good the Cheerios look floating aimlessly in there (is it O.K. to add a dash of cinnamon or nutmeg?). Anyway, this weekend I’m going to potty like it’s 1999 and you'll be sure to hear it in the news:0)

    Finally, I just want to re-emphasize just how comfy these cloth diapers are. Man, they are LOVE to one's bottom!