Thursday, January 8, 2009

A snad aggravated

Ok... so, I got a new cell phone a couple of months ago. The battery dies way too soon. I mean, last night it said I had battery power. Not full, necessarily, but enough. And then this morning I go to call the hairdresser's to find out when my appointment is... and poof... my phone is DEAD! O M G. Time to go back to the store and get a different phone. What a waste. :(

Speaking of hair appointments... I'm on a schedule with my hairdresser. I like it that way. Last week I was thinking... ok... time to get my hair done, but it is NYE and they weren't open. So, surely I didn't have an appointment. By yesterday I was thinking... OK, it surely is TIME to get my hair done! I did call them this morning, and the lady said that YES I'm on a schedule and that the holidays messed it up. Bummer. Now, they're going to have to fix that! But I do get to go next Thursday. (and if I can figure out how to get there earlier, you betcha I will!! LOL) ;-) (oh, and buy a new phone. ugh)



  1. Time to get an iPhone! I’m waiting for the 4G to come out, although I may be in for a long wait.

    What a coincidence, I, too, have a hair appointment this weekend. But I’m especially looking forward to my nail appointment. I’m doing this time pink with purdy little butterfly caricatures. Gosh, they’re cute! And how on earth will I get baking done is beyond me.

    Ruth - whose Pasticiotti & Tiramisu is to DIE for - will certainly flaunt my restrictions (she’s not very nice).

  2. There is no phone but the iPhone, and Steve Jobs is its profit.

  3. You two are funny! I'm not sure I can afford the monthly payments that go with the iphone!!

    Tom, I'd love to see your nails once their done! You going with Fire Engine Red again?!!! :)