Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not feeling so hot

I'm not feeling very well. Getting a cold, I'm afraid. :( It was bound to happen... several people I work with have been sick for a couple of weeks now. Ugh. So, today, we've stayed in and I have been trying to get some extra rest.

Lil M is doing well. She got up this morning and said "potty, Mommy"... :) Of course, then she sat on the potty and cried, 'cause she didn't want to actually sit there. She had a dry diaper all day, because she used the potty every time. These were both big firsts. I don't expect they will continue every day...but definitely progress.

I'll try to take some pics tomorrow, I realize it's been awhile! She is able to count to 10 by herself, except she skips number 4 every time. She can say yellow, green (geen), red, blue, purple, black, brown, and pink...and recognize all of those.

She LOVES bananas still and calls them "binas". I didn't pick that. She did. I learned that even when she wants 3 binas in a day, she shouldn't have that many!! (yucky diaper!) She also loves raisins, cheese and crackers. And "meow" is still her favorite. She loves to be read to, and wants me to read to her every night now. She picks out my shoes every day. lol. She loves her shoes and especially her winter boots. She likes hats and wearing Mommy's gloves. She likes to help Mommy carry her lunch bag downstairs every day. And always knows when Mommy is making her "foffee" (coffee)! Oh, and she likes to help me unload groceries... she'll take something out of the bags that I sit on the floor, and hand it to me to put away. Very helpful. :) She still doesn't like meat too much... but loves beans. Most liquid in cups is still "Juice" (even milk)... but she does know the difference when it is Mommy's coffee or water. lol

Newer words -
"wader" (water) ... Mommy's Wader??
"phone" - Mommy's phone?? this is instead of Mommy "Yo", which is what she said for a long time because she couldn't say "hello". So, my phone became "mommy, yo?" But now she can say phone. :)


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  1. She is growing up so fast. So glad potty training is going well!