Thursday, August 2, 2007

Another day

So, I'm feeling about the same today as I did yesterday. I did get to vent a little and that helped. Then I found out they want to move M to the next class up. I don't agree that she is ready. I guess I'll have to go talk to that teacher tomorrow. The only plus is that the other youngin's in her class will go with her... but they talk of moving from formula to milk and baby food to table food. We'll get there, but that's at least a month or two away. So... sigh. I'm sure it'll be fine.

I'm so whiney this week. My apologies.



  1. You still feeling restless? Well, this is Friday; the weekend is here! Take M & M out to the park (or if it's too much just take little Mia. But don't tell the other "M" I said that). Watch some DVD’s with Mia next to you, pop some popcorn. Bad times CAN”T last forever, even if you think they will.

    You know, watching baby Mia has made me wish I had a little one too. She’s just adorable:) Go figure! You're talking to a guy who CHERISHES his freedom and his bachelorhood (so my friends tell me). I’ve fought long and hard to keep those things intact. OMG. Could I have developed motherly instincts? Is it natural for a man to be in this condition? What comes next? It seems that your “Mommy Brain” thing has thrown me completely off kilter! I feel like crying?!! Am I going to wake up tomorrow and wonder if my butts too big? If I start asking where’s Mr. Right, I’m going to have a complete nervous breakdown. This can’t be happening...

    Well, this is too much for me right now. I’m going back to finish knitting my tribute sweater to the Gilmore Girls that bares the image of both Lorelai and Rory. It’s absolutely darling:)


  2. You are TOO funny. I was thinking of taking M&M to the park or for a walk this weekend. It is SO hot here, we'll see.

    Maybe you should have a little "T" of your own!!! :) (btw, I've looked at your myspace, but do you have a blog too?)

    Thanks for trying to cheer me up again! You seem to be my cheerleader lately!! :) It is very cool to read your posts, 'cause this week has been kind of a drag!

    Peace. (now, go take your bath and get a manicure...!!)

  3. I'm glad you get my twisted sense of humor, or at least some of it. Needless to say it's all in good fun:D You should listen to what my group of friends say to one another!

    Myspace blog is still under construction (it needs pictures) just like my Google blog. Today I went and reviewed the cameras Best Buy and Circuit City had to offer and concluded that the best deals were on-line. If I'm not too lazy I should place my order right after I get done writing this.

    Anyway, I hope you had a nicer day today and that your spirits are up and you more relaxed. Not sure what was causing your anxiety (work?) but all these things eventually fade away (just a quick reminder: NOTHING at work can challenge you that way the arduous process of adopting Mia did. NOTHING. So if they try to push your buttons, you should chuckle at their dopey efforts). Take that walk with the ladies if you can (here in Las Vegas the temp. reached 104 today, which isn't that bad!). Baby Mia is fascinated with just about anything she sees, so a trip to the park might be nothing less than adventure for her:)