Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Do the days ever get shorter?

Work was long, but when isn't it? Ha. The weird thing is that Little M seems to fall asleep at daycare just when Mama is coming to get her... so, when I went to pick her up she was napping (didn't fall asleep until 5pm!!). When we got home I let her sleep a little longer, and then woke her up again to go to church. Why, you ask? Well, because I told my co-worker we'd try to come. And since I've been telling him that for, um, weeks now, I thought we should go... before I forgot AGAIN. Yes, that's right. Forgot. I can't remember what day it is these days!! (Mama brain again?)

So, we went to church. Not quite the kind that we normally go to, this one is a bit quieter and conservative. But nice. I happen to know a couple of people there, and for down here, it is a pretty good option for us. It's pretty much on the opposite Christian spectrum as my home church - I'm "United Church of Christ" you see (quite liberal) and this is "Church of Christ" (quite not liberal!!) haha. But the folks there are very nice. So, until they ruffle my feathers too much, I guess we'll make do. I'll miss the music, though (ok, the instruments).

We got home past SP's bed time. That was a first, on a weeknight, anyhow. It was so good to see a couple of the folks tonight. I used to go to a Bible study they had (but not to their Church, yes, weird), and I really enjoyed them. One couple is even adopting from China and is logged in April 2006. They still have quite awhile to wait, yet!! But the wife (Beverly) was SO excited to meet Little M!

I remember the day I met her hubby (Barry), 'cause it was the first Bible study and he told us how he and his wife were adopting! I hadn't told many people, and I was still waiting for quite awhile yet at that time. I CRIED I was so amazed how this LITTLE group of people (5 couples maybe and Me) could have two families adopting from China. It was wonderful. And I really did cry. So, it was good to see her today.

If you're still reading by now, God love ya. I know I ramble and most of you could care less what I do in my daily life!! ::big grin::

Oh, Little M is doing much better this week. She definitely wanted Mama tonight when we were around others, but was just a happy as she usually is! I just love her!



  1. Usually by Thursday and Friday we are having acting out prob because of the time at work/daycare. I let Glenys sleep with me because we both needed to be connected and last night was as good as any.

    Glad to hear you remembered something despite mommy brian.


  2. Hello!

    My name is Karen (a new blogger) and I was browsing the blogs concerning China adoptions. I'm giving the idea strong consideration, but it can be so emotionally draning. I do want to adopt from China, so I wont let something like that stop me.

    Wow! You've come a long way and your daughter is beautiful! I've gone back and read some of your old posts and this blogging thing is wonderful for venting. You are so correct when you wrote on a July post that MEN SUCK! You're right! Who needs them? I'm so fed up - like you - with them that I'm ready to ship them to another planet. But then again, they suck! Let's pitty them instead.

    Anyway, I'm should blog about my experiences with these "men." You should to!


  3. How funny. I grew up in the Church of Christ. Now I worship with a much more "enthusiastic"'s non-denominational. If there's not one in your area, there will be soon. It's the BEST church.

    Anyway...the one thing I have always said about the Church of Christ is that the people are VERY nice. You are made to feel very welcome in that denomination and they are there for you through everything.