Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I don't like being crabby

(above - Aiyee Mimi and Mia playing).

I've been crabby on and off since Friday. I want to be un-crabby.

The bright spot in my day is, of course, Sugar Plum. Our getting on schedule is going alright, but, well, a bit tough. I just don't feel like I am in a groove or can relax. I hope that happens sometime soon.

Dad hasn't responded about Aug 26, so I guess I'm making an arbitrary decision. If no one shows (on Aug 26, of course), it'll serve me right.



  1. I'm sure lots of people will show- how could they resist that cutie pie?

    Hope you find your groove soon...

  2. I, too, get crabby once in a while and loose my groove, even my sense of humor. A few years ago a GREAT film called How Tom Got His Groove Back came out, starring that dashing young actor Tom and a few unknown sidekicks that are still unknown in the movie biz. I was so impressed by the leading actors performance and off-screen philosophy that I now base my life on his teachings! I hope I get to meet him someday.

    I’m sure plenty of people will show up for baby Mia’s shower. Heck, your house in Ohio is just a couple of blocks from my house here in Vegas! I’ll drop by after work, provided there’s lots and lots of al-kee-hol.

    BTW, did you know that Mia meant “my” or “mine” in Spanish? Which is an appropriate application when the name is especially spoken by you. In one word you say both her name and who she belongs to:D

    Well, I’m going back to watching How Tom Got His Grove Back on DVD, commercial free and un-rated, for the seventeenth time today. The sequel, unnamed thus far but in production, stars Tom and Corky the singing robot. Corky just got out of rehab with Lindsey and Britney.


  3. Hey Mis! Of course lots of people will be at Mia's shower! We are all soooo happy for you and wouldn't miss it for the world. Don't forget that you have so many people who love you and Mia and we are all so incredibly proud of you! I hope you feel better soon and I'll see you both very soon! Stay cool!

    Love you both,

  4. I'm making a sequal, Tom, ... How Melissa got her groove back!! ;-) You are too funny!

    As a matter of fact, Mia also means 'mine' in Hebrew. *big grin* It is part of the reason I picked that name. She's MINE. hahaha.

    Hannah, I'm so glad you saw the invite. I will try to get real invitations out.... (or Ellen will, I hope!!) But if not, just remember... my place, 2pm, Aug 26.