Friday, August 31, 2007

What a difference

What a difference a week makes. I got a new boss this week. Thank God. I just didn't think I could take one more day with the other one the way things were. Things have gotten a little better this week. So far.

Little M was off schedule all week. She didn't get her naps in again, at daycare. Well, except about an hour (50 min), or so. She seemed a bit distant this week (not as much eye contact and definitely more cranky...which she is usually never). I imagine it is mostly due to the being off schedule. I'm really hoping this weekend gets us back on track.

So, back to her birthday. People showed up about 2pm. Before that, I tried to get the house ready (for several days, actually). I ended up laying down for about an hour before Ellen came over because I had *yet another* raging headache. I took some migraine meds and thankfully it went away.

Sis was a bit late, but it was 'cause she went to get our grandmother! That was very cool. My brother also came. It was the first time he'd ever been to my house. So, that was pretty great, too. We just hung out and had snacks until about 4pm and then I opened Little M's presents. People wrote some fantastic tips and ideas for 'mommyhood'. Ellen had them put their ideas on a piece of paper and share them with me. So, I read them out loud. It was great.

Then came the cake!! Well, I imagine you saw the pics. :) That was just Awesome! And I'm so glad my brother took the pics. I can't wait to print them off and keep them for her! It was a really good thing to get her her own cake. That way she could just go at it and everyone else could have some of the big cake. Overall, it was a fantastic day! I couldn't have asked for better. And I know Little M had a great time!

So, let's hope this weekend gets us back on track.



  1. Glad to know things are getting better for you guys. Hang in there. You have a long weekend now to rest and just be.


  2. hey you... so glad to hear the celebrating went well and that you 2 seem to be finding your groove...

  3. Well, I’m glad you had a good showing for Mia’s B-day. Here you were stressing and it appears you guys had lots of fun. Mia looks so INCREDIBLY cute with yummy all over her pretty little face that I had to write that gag about finding cake on my car windshield here in Vegas ;)

    Say, I don’t want to spread rumors, but I heard that during the party, someone referred to as “Baby Cutie Patootie” got dozy on whole milk and started throwing people out of the house. Is this true? Who is “Baby Cutie Patootie?” This person is described as pint-size, lovable and adorable to no end, and capable of overpowering anybody with a simple goo-goo-wah-wah (whatever that means). Somehow, despite this adorable incident, I heard everyone, especially Mia Baby Huggy Bear, had a great time.

    If you have any cake left over, please take the remaining portion, jam pack it into an envelope, and send it to me right away (with candles lit and everything) :=)