Monday, August 6, 2007

Save the Date Aug 26 (or 19th?)

So, I'm going to have a party. I'm 99.9% sure it is going to be August 26. I'm waiting to hear from my Dad to make sure they can come.

My whole family is invited (of course)!! So is pretty much everyone else I know! haha. So, if you know me personally and have any question... well, you're invited.

It is a "Welcome Home Baby M" / "Baby Shower" party and will be from 2-? My Sis and Ellen are going to figure out the rest. Really. They are!! :)

(side note: we are currently registered at Baby's R Us and will try to get registered at Target)

Seriously... you know who you are. Please save the date. Kids (obviously) are welcome! Just come as you are and let's have a fun afternoon kind of day. More to come (likely in a real invitation and/or email invite).


PS. August 27 is the big birthday day. That's going to be a bit more low-key, but two days of fun for little Miss M.

PPS. Joe (my 'little' brother), I hope you are having a safe trip to China and I really hope you can come to her party!!

PPPS. Hannah and Molly, please make sure you all tell Emmy, Aunt Gay Gay, Aunt Bonnie, and all, to come!!


  1. That is awesome, can't wait to see the pics from this fun!

  2. Umm, so which day is the party? I designed the e-invitations, but figure I'd better get the right date on them or you'll have plenty of guests - but maybe on the wrong day! oopsy

    The Party Planner