Friday, August 10, 2007

I added a new blog

Rather than complain here (for the benefit of those who'd rather not read my rantings), I've added a separate 'venting' blog. If you want to join that one, please email me, because it is a closed blog right now. Really, though, it's more for my benefit than anything. I doubt many of you will want to read about me griping about 'stuff'.

In other news... the crabbiness hasn't gone away. dangit. hence, the 'venting' blog!!!! lol.

Mia is great. Having a little tough time with eye-contact. It is bothering me. I've read so much on attachment... ugh. See, here I go!! ;-)

Y'all have a great night. I'll try to post some pics this weekend.



  1. Say, if your taking your complaining to another blog, don't take all the beer! (Just kidding!)

    Good that your not suppressing your feelings and frustrations. It could give you split-ends (see email).

    The whole idea sounds so calming and therapeutic, you should call the new blog Cyber-Zoloft or Dr. Phil's Top Banana.


  2. i am part of a guat adoption rant blog its really did help alot so i wouldnt mind reading your rants
    your little girl is a cutie she loooks so adorable
    my email is

  3. Hey Melissa...
    Hope you read all the incredible posts on our SAC group- I think they are spot on, and I've heard GREAT stuff about using the mirror. She'll come around, I promise. And this happens with bio kids too (my nephew) and eventually he came around.

    Hang in there- and invite me along to rant (or at least to read the rants). TOM- bring the beer, would ya? Thanks!