Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Can you be in love with a tooth brush?

Seriously... my friend Joe got me this awesome toothbrush that is electric. It is the Oralb 8850 or something like that. OMG it is fantastic! I can't believe how much I like it!!! hahaha.

So, Mia's actual birthday was kind of a non-event... we were both exhausted. But Sunday more than made up for it!! She got the most wonderful stuff ever. My friends and family rock! I counted last night (while trying to go to sleep) how many people were here... and with Little M and I, it was 35! 33 people came. My guess was 20-25, or even less. We had such a great time.

I'll try to write about it more tomorrow.



  1. What great fun! Glad you had a good showing for the B-day girl. Say, did Baby Mia give a speech at some point during the celebration? I would have given anything to have been there for that.

    No. I have never been in love with a tooth-brush, and questions the wisdom behind those sentiments. I think, however, that it’s o.k. to be friends.

    I was once in love with my first i-Pod but my friends would not accept Darlene. They would tell me things like, “Tom, she’s only got 20 gigs of memory” or “You can charge her batteries, but can she charge yours?” They never saw in her the compact beauty I did, nor did they ever have the pleasure of listening to her speak (It was like music to my ears, I tells ya!). Anyway, that relationship could not survive the pressures of scrutiny and disapproval, and subsequently ended, quietly, with not so much as a musical note of farewell. And then came Donna. Wow! She was sleek (all 80 gigs of her), had a color display, more user-friendly controls (how naughty!) and could play full length movies. I was head-over-heels! We’ve been together now for about three months, and my friends have a different attitude about this new love in my life. Will I pop the big question? Probably not. I'm holding out for 160 gigs or more:D


  2. Can't wait to hear all about it and see some pics, I'm so glad you guys had a great time!